Accounting Techniques

Accounting Services

1. Computerized accounting records for Businesses and Professionals
2. Organizing and surevising accountng duties at the company’s headquarters or in our offices
3. Establishment of domestic and foreign companies
4. Setting up businesses statutes, changes, solutions and liquidations
5. Preperation of financial statements and transactions with the public sector
6. Processing bureaucratic tasks and transactions with the public sector
7. Internal audit of accounting duties in companies – Evaluation

Accounting Techniques

Tax Consultancy Services

1. Preperation of all kind of tax declarations
2. Financial and tax strategy of asset and funds-source declaration
3. Support in case of tax audits and setlement of tax issues
4. Tax consulting on documentary coverage
5. Reports, position analysis, comparisons, break – even point, cash flow, business plan
6. Unified property ownership tax declarations

Accounting Techniques

Payroll Services

1. Payroll calculation
2. Payroll, contributions and debts calculations
3. Recruitment, retirement and collaboration solutions management
4. OAED program monitoring and implementation
5. Payroll budgeting and generating alternative proposals based on the needs of the
6. Undertaking all business payroll obligations to EFKA, OAED and Labor Inspection
(ERGANI system)
7. Consulting on business labor and insurance matters

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Accounting Techniques
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